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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Austrian indie-pop duo Leyya! Following on from the release of Sophie & Marco’s album Sauna all the way back in 2018, Leyya have returned with a song that kind of reminds me of a less distorted version of Warpaint‘s ‘Disco//Very‘.

Although, the song does actually have a story to it, specifically taking a humorous approach to the duo’s inner turmoil and indulge in some “self-therapy” per se. Speaking on the release of the single, Sophie of Leyya reveals that as a musician, a person often has the feeling of needing to ‘sell oneself’, or creating something just to fit in and fulfil expectations. “With this song we realized we do all this for ourselves in the first place,” she continues. “It’s purely driven by our passion to create music.”

“We went back to the origins of just writing and playing a song, not making a big production out of it and reducing all of it to the minimum.” — Sophie on their new single.

Sophia continues, “We see this piece as a form of therapy to reassure ourselves why we do all of this – and it’s not the money.” Having filmed this music video in their own local park, it showcases a great stripped-back sound that still includes their DIY approach to music.

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