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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Australian independent singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Ben Witkowski. Ben’s newest song, and third single of 2020, is titled ‘Don’t Look Down‘ and it essentially showcases Ben’s powerful vocals and his finely tuned assortment of instruments: specifically the guitar.

Having originally written this song back in 2017, the Melbourn-based was second guessing his career within the music industry at the time. In fact, Ben is constantly doubting whether he has the talent and ability to make it in the music industry. As Ben explains: “When I really sit down, and listen to my thoughts, there is a voice inside my head that has this almost blind positivity and optimism, and says ‘you can do this.’ There is an incredible spirit in everyone that will be there to support you no matter what you want to achieve. I wanted to capture this feeling by writing Don’t Look Down.”

Ben’s music has a great vibe and I highly suggest having a listen to his other songs ‘Army of Three‘ and ‘Mountain Man‘ to get a sense of who Ben is as an artist.

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