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Vox Rea is a blank canvas out of Vancouver, Canada. Having previously been known as The Katherines, Kate, Kurdyak and Kaitlyn have returned with their newest single, ‘Dose Me Up‘, as part of their new moniker.

“It’s been a total rollercoaster man,” the trio express to Eat This Music. “We’re trying to focus on the things that matter but it’s so easy to get swept up in a tide of existential angst whenever you go online.” In fact, this whole year has felt like a tango with nihilism but music has been a real saving grace when things get dark.

Speaking to Eat This Music on their new single, Vox Rea reveal that the ability for each individual listener to have their own interpretation of a song is one of the things they love most about making music. “We don’t think it’s the artist’s role to say what a song means,” they say, “but we can tell you where it comes from.” Dose Me Up was written at a very transitionary and unsettling time in their lives: “It touches on some of the feelings that come along with leaving your childhood behind. Someone recently described it as a “fever dream, edgeless and underwater” and we liked that too. Other than that it’s up to you.”

Lauren and Kate wrote this song together on an October night. “It was one of those songs that came all at once,” Vox Rea continue. “There was honestly no real process to writing it other than lighting some candles and letting it flow.” From there, Vox Rea recorded the song a few months later with Connor Seidel and Tim Buron in Montreal. “The recording session was very organic – we all set up our instruments in a room together and jammed until we had a track,” they continue on the creative process.

“Our own lives play into the creation of pretty much everything we do.” –Vox Rea on their newest single, ‘Dose Me Up’.

Vox Rea continue in our chat, “We see life and art not as two separate entities but as a dialectic. Life imitates art, art imitates life, and the cycle goes round and round…”

First time listeners may not have known that Vox Rea used to be known as “The Katherines”, and this is the first single as part of their new outfit. “The new name has been in the works for a while,” Vox Rea tell Eat This Music on the change. “Throughout the process of writing and recording the album our good friend Mitchell Schaumberg ended up being a huge part of the way the songs evolved.” Vox Rea asked Mitchell to be a part of the band and the introduction of the new project felt like the right time to make the change from having a name that defined the three of them as a “girl-band” to a name that was androgynous.

With Vox Rea, the trio feel like they have finally settled into their own style. “We completely let go of any outside considerations and just made the music we wanted to make,” Vox Rea add.

“We’re really digging into the visuals for the music,” Vox Rea reveal on what they have coming up next. “We’re finishing up a music video for Dose Me Up and we’re also working on a short film / album trailer visual that we’re calling “The Beast”. We have another single coming this winter and the full album in the spring.”

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