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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Vancouver-based artist Kandle. The newest music video for Kandle’s single, ‘Spell‘, is essentially used as a platform for Kandle to pay tribute to the movies that fit perfectly within the times of B-grade horror movies.

“I can’t help but pine for these films of a bygone era,” Kandle expresses on the inspiration of her single, “Suspiria. The Craft. The Evil Dead. Exaggerated and dramatic, full of sleaze and schlock, how could we not pen a love letter to our old friend as we’re cooped up inside for this spooky season?” Kandle’s music video is a tribute to hyper-saturated, technicolor witchy fun.

Coming off the release of Kandle’s seven track EP ‘Stick Around and Find Out‘, ‘Spell’ is such a solid song that showcases Kandle and her band’s fantastic collaborative efforts on their individual instruments with Kandle’s very own vocals taking charge of another great song.

Kandle has not been featured on Eat This Music previously, but you better believe she will be on a future radio program and covered more across the board on the website.

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