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Liz Bohannon is a singer-songwriter out of Nashville, who always has the same goal in mind – to create music she loves and believes in and hopes that it is well-received and enjoyed by many!

“Vulnerability, unconditional love, heartbreak, resilience,” Liz tells Eat This Music about what her newest single, ‘Wanted’ is abut. “It’s a song about the lengths one would go to for love–putting yourself out there for someone, but would willingly take the high road, if that’s what loving them looks like.”

Liz wrote this song with producer/songwriter Jon Stark at David Hodges studio in her town. “We started with a guitar groove and fleshed out the song from there,” Liz reveals on the creative process of her newest single. In fact, the song came together really fast she admits. Liz continues in our chat, “We wrote it in one session and I came back the next day and recorded the vocals. This was our first (and only) version. What you’re hearing is our demo.”

“I’ve been in similar situations where it feels like you have something great but it manages to slip away.” — Liz Bohannon on the relevance of her newest single to her life.

“I’m really proud of this song,” she continues, “I just loved collaborating with Jon on it– he’s such a talent and really pushed me towards this current/fresh/commercial sound.” This is a different sound than Liz is used to and that is another big reason why she likes this new song. Also, whenever Liz and her band play it live, peoples’ ears seem to perk up. Essentially this new song just felt right for Liz to make as her next single.

“More and more music… .. come along with me to see what’s next. [smiles],” Liz concludes.

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