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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Los Angeles pop artist, Elthia. Following on from the release of Elthia’s debut EP, ‘Island of Mine‘, in 2019, Elthia has returned with a brand new song that continues to showcase her very, soothing vocals mixed over an underlying array of digital production.

The story of the song was inspired by the pieces of a broken relationship, and in fact, it is about trying to reach someone, but they keep putting up their walls, trying to protect themselves, and every time you try to dig a little deeper, it hurts a little more. “The message of the song is to tell the story of what it’s like to love something that hurts you every time you try to understand it,” Elitha explains. “I wanted to show the duality of the two ideas that are constantly at war while existing inside of you, and showcase what the breaking point would actually be, if there is one at all.”

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