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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Australian electronica producer, KUČKA. KUČKA’s newest single, and second for 2020, is titled ‘Ascension‘ and not only is it the follow up to ‘Contemplation‘, it is also a platform for KUČKA to explore the notion of growing up per se through her soothing soundscape.

Within this new single, KUČKA continues to showcased her finely tuned vocals while also experimenting with her electronica instrumentals (drum beats & synths), while also expanding her lyrical prowess.

Speaking on the single, KUČKA reveals that the single is about the continual growth that we are all undertaking at every stage of our life. “We’re constantly faced with new challenges whether we realize it or not,” she continues, “it’s important that we don’t let our fears get in the way of our enjoyment of the process.”

The visual aspect of the single essentially follows KUČKA in a game while on the path to inner enlightenment – as viewers additionally interact with her journey while KUČKA collects crystal balls and levels up per se. Speaking on music video, KUČKA says: “The video emphasises our interconnectedness and the depth we can feel through a digital network.”

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