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Lisa Caruso is an extension of the years passed, and happy to now have an LP out! “I’m feeling lucky that I can still celebrate this album with a few live shows in my home state,” Lisa tells Eat This Music. “Back in March when things started to shut down, I was unsure whether that would be the case.” Like a lot of other casuals and people in the arts industry have experienced, it has been overwhelming, but Lisa allowed herself some time to digest it all and have taken it one step at a time.

Lisa Caruso’s debut ten track album, ‘In Feelings‘ is a lot about finding strength through vulnerability after experiences of ill health and heartache; but also flourishes in moments of romance and optimism.

“It was only until guitar and vocal demo’s were done that I seriously started to think about production,” Lisa reveals on the creative process of her debut ten track album. “Working with my producer Ben Fletcher enhanced my stories and the moods I hoped would come out of these initial thoughts.”

After Lisa was happy with the song selections, Ben and Lisa emailed one another and chatted about influences and arrangements before Lisa flew over to London to meet Ben and they demoed and recorded as much as they could in the ten days Lisa was there. “Continuing the process back in Australia, I recorded some things with our engineer Matt who has been a huge part of the team, and finished the rest in parts when Ben was in town,” Lisa continues in our chat. “I had been experiencing a long Crohn’s disease flare in these past couple of years, so the time in between wasn’t all bad.” From there, Lisa made sure to still keep things going, and in the meanwhile, she released a few singles with music videos in the lead up to the release of the album.

“These songs and the album are definitely all me,” Lisa assures Eat This Music on the relevance of her own life to the 10 tracks on the album she has created. “Triggered by an experience, I wrote these songs in first person to best communicate the feeling I had at the time of writing them.” In fact, Lisa actually wanted the songs on the album to feel raw and real, and she wanted to enhance the meanings through distinct and bold instrumentation.

“I’ll have to sit on the fence on this one and say listen to them all,” Lisa rebutes to the question of which songs off the album she would recommend to listeners. “It’s a short 35 minute record which goes on a bit of a ride.” Although, each song follow the other, expressing a colour of life and all the shades us humans are bound to experience. There are brooding slow burns, and there are songs which come out firing.

Lisa was always going to release a debut ten track record. “I named this debut album ‘In Feelings’ because it expresses many in the same body of work,” Lisa reveals. “To me, it makes music all the more real and is an extension of myself.” Lisa essentially released the album now because it was done! “But also no better time like the present,” she reveals. “Regardless of what’s thrown at us, you just gotta keep going.”

“I’m looking forward to sharing more on the album, and in the meanwhile, will be writing the next,” Lisa concludes in our chat.

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