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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Canadian alternative duo TANDM. TANDM’s newest single is titled ‘Earthworm (2020 Remastered)‘ and it comes off the release of Thomas and Maxine’s forthcoming EP ‘Reflections (Remastered)‘, out October 22.

Speaking on the release of the single, TANDM explain that the song is their response to the people who don’t believe music-making to be a professional career, or in a musician’s ability to succeed. “Rooted from our personal experiences,” the duo reveal, “having been asked “okay, I get that you’re into music, but what are you really going to do?””

‘Earthworm (2020 Remastered)’ is a fast paced fast-paced alternative anthem that offers a cheerful contrast to the subject matter with the condescending mentality that many people have towards the arts. “We believe that financial income should not be a reason to dismiss a passion as an unworthy career path,” Thomas and Maxine emphasis on their passion. “There is beauty and emotions that resonate from the arts, unlike anything else, that deserve recognition and respect.”

This is the first time TANDM have come onto my radar and I am glad that they have, their music is fresh, energetic, and fun. I am not only talking about their audible work, in fact, visually the band give off a solid presentation of what they want to say in this brand new single.

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