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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Cory Wong and it is the newest single off the release of his upcoming album, titled ‘The Stripped Album‘, due for release October 23.

Featuring the eclectic vocals of New Zealand (now New York-based) pop artist Kimbra, Cory’s single ‘Design‘, sees the two worlds come together to create a song that essentially has a big band feel to it while also incorporating measures of funk, pop, guitars, drums, and Kimbra’s guiding vocals throughout.

Speaking on the collaboration with Kimbra, Cory reveals that Kimbra has been one of his favorite artists for years. “She’s always pushing the artistic and creative boundaries with her voice and her production,” Cory says. “Her albums always have such a unique and cohesive sound to them. Her ability to explore new spaces has always really inspired me, and her fingerprint in music is iconic.”

Kimbra’s voice and delivery have such musical depth, but also so much swagger to it. “I had written a tune that I was looking for someone to sing over, and she was the first person I thought of,” Corey continues. “Although we had never met in person, I sent her a message on Instagram of all places.” Cory was surprised when Kimbra messaged back and said she was a fan of his and really dug the tune that he had sent her.

From there, Cory and Kimbra decided to meet up in Los Aangeles and write the song together. Cory continues: “Her conceptual, lyrical, and melodic ideas just flowed out effortlessly and we recorded the song in an afternoon. We were exploring a few different concepts for the song, but the main one that we both kept coming back to is the idea of the confusion of machine/human. We are in a weird time where we have our ‘digital’ selves, and our ‘analog’ selves. This song is a loosely abstract approach to convincing ourselves that we are human and not machine.”

Connect with Cory Wong & Kimbra:
– Cory Wong: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
– Kimbra: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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