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Here is a nice, soothing, guitar, dreamy melody driven song for you to enjoy before the weekend from Joni. Joni’s newest song is titled ‘Orange‘ and it is about the aura of New York City.

On ‘Orange’, Joni reveals that it was written with her producer, Chris Petrosino, right after she moved from New York City to Los Angeles. “I’ve spent my whole life moving around a lot and New York was the first place that truly felt like home,” she continues, “I thought I’d be there forever.” So after Joni moved she got really nostalgic for her old life, her old apartment, and walking around late at night.

“It got to the point where I’d see a taxi in a movie and get a pang of sadness,” Joni expresses on her time in New York. “I find it can be a little cliche to write songs about New York so I wanted to write about the aura of it and the time in my life I spent there,” Joni concludes on her new song.

Although, ‘Orange’ is a song more about a feeling than a place, and it comes off the release of Joni’s upcoming EP, ‘Orchid Room‘.

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