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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Barcelona trio, MOURN. The song is titled ‘Stay There‘ and it is the freshest taste of what is to come off their album ‘Self Worth‘, due out 30 October.

Speaking on the release of the single, the trio reveal that this is a song about ending an abusive relationship and the feeling of freedom afterwards. “Of course there’s always sequels,” they say, “but we’re keeping the distance, telling them to stay there where they are and don’t come bother us anymore.” Additionally, this song is about healing from that, even though it doesn’t explicitly say that in the lyrics, this song served Mourn to do so, to get all the negative and bitter feelings out of them.

This is a gritty anthem featuring distorted instrumentals, heavy lyrics and engaging sounds that are a little bit different to what they have already released (“Call You Back” and “This Feeling Is Disgusting“) in the lead up to their new album.

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