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Today’s delicious album of the day is ‘There and Back Again‘, the debut album from Australian duo Ecosystem. Hailing out of Melbourne, Australia, Finn and Timu’s eight track album showcases a raw world of 90s alternative rock sounds that additionally features a nice array of finely tuned singles and soothing vocals.

Speaking on the release of the album, Ecosystem explain that the album was formed very naturally from fun, playful jams without any plans of ever establishing a band. “After a year of this, growing as musicians and learning each other’s style, a sound began to form,” Ecosystem reveal. “Once we were in the process of recording, that was when we were able to create the sound that is heard on ‘There And Back Again’. Each song was written collaboratively.”

Featuring tracks like “Eco-Culture” and “Sore Eyes” being focal points of the album, this duo also manage to create slower paced singles like “Walk In, Walk Out” & “Nice and Pointless“, that showcase Finn & Timu’s aptitude of using minimal beats and easy-going vocals. On the other hand, you additionally have songs like “Mr. Grey” & “No Idea” that show their gritty side.

Ecosystem’s debut album is now out via Australian independent record label, Tiny Town Records.

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