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“I think the easiest answer is that I don’t fully know! I’m always in search of that answer and I think it’s okay to always be learning and evolving,” A is for Arrows expresses to Eat This Music at the top of our chat about her newest single, ‘Can’t Stop‘. “I’ve been better than ever! This whole pandemic has allowed me to look at everything with a more positive perspective,” she continues, “I know this is a huge adjustment and it totally sucks that we can’t play shows but there’s definitely a bright side to it all!”

In fact, A is for Arrows thinks the world has learned a lot about humanity, and how strong we are together and at the same time, how divided we are. “I can only speak for myself when I say I feel more grateful for all the amazing things in my life, not taking one more thing for granted,” she tells Eat This Music.

A is for Arrows’ ‘Can’t stop’ is a song about not feeling secure in a relationship, feeling taken for granted, like you constantly give love without a consistent return. “I’d written the main idea months before we finished writing it,” A is for Arrows explains on the creative process of the single, “then took it to a writing camp I hold every year and with the help of a few of my closest co-writers, finished it!”

“All of the songs I write are a reflection of my life for sure. This song came from the emotion of what actually went down in my life and we created a storyline around that.” — A is for Arrows on her music.

“I don’t really go into writing thinking “i’m going to make this song to release it so it can go on the radio”,” she expresses, “or something like thatI just have a lot of feelings and I have to get them out! Music is my therapy!”

A is for Arrows is writing every single day, and if she is not writing, then she is singing. “A lot of new music is in the works and im very excited about all of it,” she concludes in our chat.

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