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Today’s delicious EP of the Day goes to Gordi and her brand new five-track release titled ‘Extraordinary Life‘. Extraordinary Life is an EP that features four different versions of her single’s namesake, from the likes of fellow musicians: Alex Somers and Georgia Maq, with an added addition of Gordi performing the single at the Sydney Opera House & a 2018 demo version of the single.

To coincide with the release of the EP, Gordi has released a music video of the Georgia Maq remix (documented for Camp Cope frontwoman’s synth-pop reimagining of the acoustic ballad), featuring a game of one-on-one basketball and some isolation fun.

Speaking on the release of the EP and her remix of Gordi’s single, Georgia reveals that when she was approached to rework Extraordinary Life, initially she didn’t really know how to approach it, “I didn’t want to do anything with an acoustic guitar,” Georgia reveals on the creative process, “I wanted to challenge myself.. so I taught myself how to use Ableton (a digital audio workstation).”

“Dr Gordi is a beautiful person, Extraordinary Life is a beautiful song and it is my first time recording and producing something entirely myself, I hope you like it.” — Georgia Maq on her remix of Gordi’s song.

Gordi adds, “In 2017 I was touring through Europe with Asgeir and we stopped for a few hours sleep in this desperate little hostel in Ghent. We’d just played a show somewhere and were on route to somewhere else. It was 2am and our lobby call was 5am but I was buzzing from the show so I had a shower. I started humming this ascending melody because the reverb in the shower sounded nice. I imagined building this song on top of that repeating melody.”

Gordi’s EP is now out via Liberation Records.

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