Team Solo is a “collaborative” solo project from Songwriter/Producer Scuta Salamanca – based in Hackney, London. “I’ve been making music since going on a camping holiday to the South of France when I was 4 years old,” Team Solo tells Eat This Music at the top of our chat. “Ever since my first song singing the name of the campsite “Camping Aratzia” – music has been popping in to my head ever since.”

“Probably as screwed up and anxious as everyone else. Music is the medicine.” — Team Solo on how he is doing at the moment.

Team Solo’s debut single, ‘It Only Makes Me Love You More‘ is about looking at a relationship and seeing that you’re in it together – even when you feel a bit trapped. “I like lyrics that make images pop in to your head too,” Team Solo explains.

“I wanted to keep things simple as I knew I was going to be doing most of the playing and recording,” Team Solo reveals on the creative process of the single. “So I set out to use only a few instruments and wanted to make sure I had some earworm riffs in there too.”

Team Solo additionally limited the instruments to an EMU SP12 drum machine from 1986. “I found it broken at a studio that was closing down and got it fixed. A Fender Tele from 1976. A bit of a mongrel but plays great. Limited keyboards… so a bit of piano and a synth or two,” Team Solo adds. Additionally, Team Solo also wanted some crazy percussion and a voice thrown in there for good measure. Team Solo also wanted some guests on the record. As he wanted there to be an element of collaboration.

“So I got my friend and studio neighbour Nick Crofts (Heart Years and also The Title Sequence) to play the piano part in the middle,” Team Solo continues, “also my friend Alex Reeves (Dizzee Rascal and also Elbow) to play some high speed percussion at the end to give the track an energetic finale.”

The song is kind of based on Team Solo’s own life but exaggerated: “It’s just what came out of some writing sessions I did on a bunch of Fridays,” he reveals.

Coming up next for Team Solo is more music, which are alreadyed finished and ready to go – so you’ll hear that soon. “I’m also working on a bunch of other tracks – so we’ll see where they go!,” Team Solo concludes.

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