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Here is a new song from Northern New South Wales pop artist AKA Lui for you to enjoy. It’s titled ‘Pushing Me Aside‘, and essentially it is the first, in an upcoming series, of tracking the various aspects and narratives of a break-up. Taking advantage of lockdown that has swept Australia, and the world to an extent, Lui filmed his music video at his local IGA Supermarket, with the help of his own housemate.

Speaking on the release of the single, AKA Lui reveals that his housemate (Zac) is a filmmaker, and naturally they had been spending a lot of time together since COVID. “I was preparing to release this new single,” he explains, “so we sat out the back with a bottle of wine & started brainstorming film clip concepts.” The supermarket seemed like the perfect place to shoot for AKA Lui. In fact, it has the consistent lighting he needed, is open to the public, and the shopping trolley stands as the perfect metaphor for the songs title, ‘Pushing Me Aside’.

However, the initial idea for the video was to do a one take through the store and get the hell out of there before Lui and his team got kicked out, “we even did multiple run throughs in the car park to make sure we could nail it,” he reveals on the creative process, “but the staff ended up tolerating us with a lot more patience & understanding than we expected. Big ups Byron Bay IGA!”

This is the perfect introduction as to who AKA Lui is, not only because ‘Pushing Me Aside’ showcases Lui’s soothing soulful vocals, but because Lui’s new single additionally offers a solid story, instrumentals (in the way of keys, drums and synths), and all-round aesthetics to boot.

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