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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Australian electronic artist Alison Wonderland. The song is titled ‘Bad Things‘, and it is essentially a personal exploration of Alison’s own life, and the story she wants to tell at this time – while also touching on the notion of confronting your demons and dealing with them.

Offering more of what has made Alison Wonderland one of the most, we-renowned Electronic producers in the music scene to this day, Alison’s Bad Things continues to showcase her impeccable expertise as a digital producer, lyricist and storyteller. She is a well-oiled (physical) machine and continues to be one of my personal favourite artists ever since coming across her music back in 2016.

‘Bad Things’ is the very first taste of what is to come off Alison’s third album, due out for release in 2021, and it is out now via EMI Music.

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