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Lee Paradise is a cyber-funk/electronic artist out of Canada and recently the Toronto native released the first taste of what is to come off his forthcoming sophomore album, The Fink, due out for release in December, with this brand new mind-bending, head scratching, head-bobbing single, titled ‘Message to the Past‘.

Not only is ‘Message to the Past’ a complete head scratcher in terms of visual representation – lets be honest, there are parts where “sand” is coming out of the head in the video and I interpret the red as blood – but this single also showcases Lee’s very own grunge-y, distorted vocals to glide the story, and trying to make out what the vocals say is a task in its own right; not that I am complaining, because I do enjoy this song.

Speaking on the release of the single, Lee explains that lyrically, ‘Message to The Past’ is about questioning how we view the past and assign meaning and symbol to specific events, and how this colours our future reactions and decision-making. “Are our memories accurate?” he continues, “What role does our emotional and psychological state play in the memories that we conjure up, and can we trust them?” That is something Lee worries about often: “What memories am I inclined to focus on? Are they positive or negative? How much does this control my present and my future?”

Visually and aesthetically this is a beautiful song – there is no denying that – however, in terms of the audible representation, the single is just as strong and doesn’t slow down; featuring plugs of guitars, and the aforementioned vocals, Lee’s Message to the Past is a great way to announce his new album.

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