Photo credit: Xavier Cyr

TDJ is the alias of Ryan Playground out of Montreal, Canada, and TDJ has done something interesting with her new EP – it’s essentially just three song full of sounds, vibes and instrumentals; perfect for someone that wants to listen to something while driving or trying to fall asleep at night.

Speaking on the creation of her new persona, Ryan reveals that she knows more and more on how she wants to take place in this world and it is definitely not by limiting, but by allowing herself to expand to her full potential. “It’s a quest,” she explains, “the birth of TDJ is a part of the process.” Essentially TDJ is an ode to dreams, an ode to freedom.

Actually, this EP would fit perfectly in the Drive universe… or even Blade Runner. I am getting big Ela Minus and Tina Says vibes from TDJ. It is beautiful. TDJ’s music is beautiful.

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