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Coming off the release of his album ‘The Making of Paracosm‘, Swedish record producer Kasbo has today released a double-single to give listeners fresh tastes of what is to come off his sophomore album, due out 23 October. Working on this project with fellow Swedish artist, Nea, on one of the new singles, ‘Staying In Love‘, Kasbo using his platform to tell the story of struggling to hold on, while also showcasing more of his adequately defined sounds.

Speaking on the release of the single and collaboration, Nea explains that she believes the single is about the struggle of holding on: “It’s so easy to think the grass is greener somewhere else, to go out and look for the next thrill instead of seeing the person next to you,” she emphasises. “To actually be still and hold on even when the first glitter is gone can be the hardest.” As Kasbo & Nea say in the song: “To fall in love is easy, be in love is easy, but ‘Staying In Love’ is hard.” Nea and Kasbo have been friends and co-writers for many years now (having also worked together in 2017). “I’m a big fan of his style and musicality,” Nea continues.

As briefly mentioned, the second single in the double-single release is titled ‘Skogsrå‘, which is a song that gives Kasbo an opportunity to showcase more of his instrumental and digital production skills in all of its glory; from the slow burning opening, to the bridging and world building throughout – with minimal vocals being a nice touch. It is also a solid track that showcases what Kasbo has to offer as a sole artist.

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