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Camie Llano is a singer/songwriter and actress, and was born and raised in Colombia. “Growing up I would always be a very energetic and creative kid”, Camie tells Eat This Music at the top of our chat about her new single, ‘Camieland‘. “[I] never really did great in school since I was too busy daydreaming and thinking about music, I knew from the start my future wasn’t going to be a covariational one.”

So, Camie moved to New York City when she was 19 to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute for two years. “Right after I graduated, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue both acting and music,” she continues. “I began my focus on acting, which let to start in music videos, commercials, and independent feature films.” After about four years and many obstacles in the way something told Camie it was finally time to give music the attention it deserved, it was time to take it to the next level. So that is what she did. “The past year I have been working on releasing my first EP, Camieland is already the second single, following “Visitor” which was released early June.”

Camie’s newest single ‘Camieland’ is a little summary of her surrealistic and mystical side, which is very strong. “It [Camieland] talks about all the places and all the characters I can pretend to be just by using my crazy imagination,” Camie reveals about the new single. “This is a side I usually don’t show people, I kept it very private for a long long time until I realized how cool the few people that knew thought it was.” That feeling made Camie feel more confident about sharing the song with more people and it eventually led Camie to write a whole song describing this powerful ability.

“It was really interesting,” Camie emphasises on the creative process of the single. “It really wasn’t planned, I just sat day one day with my friend and producer Beto, and we started talking about making an EP and deciding what it would be focused on.” From there, Camie showed Beto a load of love songs, (Which would be what Camie would usually write about), but she had one song, that wasn’t really about love, but something rather more mysterious. “He immediately loved it,” Camie continues in our chat, “he started asking questions about why I wrote it and how… that led me to open up a lot and tell him about this side of me, my Camieland, my secret place.” After that, Camie did a session with Beto and Justine Ok, (a very talented songwriter) and together they ended up with Camieland.

“Camieland describes what goes on in my mind most of the time, so I would say A LOT!” — Camie Llano on the release of her new single.

“Like I’ve said before, this song is my autobiography,” she continues, “at least when it comes down to my creativity and imagination, I love this song because it’s so personal and It is the one I identify the most with.”

This song comes off the release of Camie’s upcoming, a piece of work Camie explains is about all the different realities we have around us. “Just because we see one reality now, doesn’t mean there are not many more around us,” she emphasises, “but the best part is, we can create our own reality too, which is what.” That is what Camie does when she wants to escape this: “When I’m feeling anxious, stressed out, or I simply want to relax a bit, I go deep into Camieland, and come back with amazing stories to tell.”

The other songs on the EP also talk about the mystical part of life, how in touch Camie can be with the supernatural and the celestial world, and the EP also serves as a creative force in a way to remind people that it’s necessary and fun to connect with that side sometimes.

Coming up next Camie has a new single titled ‘Witch of LA’, which will be released October 16, wrapping up this ‘Colorblind’ in November. “That’s as far as this year. Next year expect a lot more music to come out, so definitely stay tuned,” Camie continues.

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