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I am not too familiar with Ayron Jones, but what I do know is that he is an artist out of Seattle, Washington and he makes rock music… just like his newest single ‘Boys From The Puget Sound‘.

Following on from the release of his single ‘Take Me Away‘ earlier in 2020, Ayron has returned with a song that reminds me of a louder version of Fantastic Negrito, in the way Ayron combines his strong vocal work with the use of his gritty instrumentals and lack of digital production to tell his story; which seems to be the case with this new song as a strong example of what Ayron can achieve.

Speaking on the release of his new song, Ayron explains that the song represents a feeling like when you and your black rock band walk into a small town club and don’t belong. Ayron continues: “…then get told you don’t belong there, until you turn your amps up to “I DON’T GIVE A F#$%” and shatter the walls of preconceived notion. Essentially Ayron would like for listeners to consider this song an anthem for the Pacific Northwest and a meeting place for American Pride.

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