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Eli Gosling is a pop artist out of London and today sees the release of his debut EP, ‘Blue Romance‘. And while Eli’s EP only features four songs – I truly believe those four songs are more than enough to understand who Eli is as an artist, while still leaving more room to grow as an artist and to tell his story.

Mixing pop and hip-hop influences through is music, Eli uses his four-track EP to tell multi-faceted stories involving wanting to be with someone; trying to steal hearts; fantasy words; and self-reflection, just to name a few aspects of this young artist’s work.

Speaking on the release of his debut EP, Eli reveals that this is a work of musical art close to his heart that tells a story from his very own perspective. “Each Song describes how I felt living through different relationship experiences over the last couple of years”, he reveals. “I kept a written journal alongside various sketches documenting the highs and lows and the songs are centred around that.”

Eli has loved every minute of the creative process of this EP and he just couldn’t wait for people to hear the EP in its entirety and tp see if they can relate to his story.

As briefly touched on above, this EP does have various stories to explore:


“Angel is about when you want someone so much and you can’t be with them, when they are too perfect and out of reach. They appear to be like an “Angel” but not all the time.”

Criminal Love

“Criminal Love is about trying to steal the heart from someone you really like, it’s hard when you have feelings for someone, but they don’t notice you or feel the same way. Love can be tricky, but if it’s meant to be it will be.”

Drowning in your Dreams

“This single is about a dream that pulls you into a fantasy world of endless relationship possibilities, your confidence is sky high and everything is just perfect, but then you wake-up and your ego is destroyed by the overwhelming realisation that none of it was real.”

Feelings For You

“So basically the song kind of depicts of how you feel when you catch feelings for someone and end up focus ing all your energy into that one person. T hen suddenly without warning it can swing the other way , t here is no way of controlling it and if you think about the change too much it can drag you down , so I’d rather try and focus on the positives.”

Eli Gosling’s ‘Blue Romance’ is now out via Goldun Egg.

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