Last Letters is just me; a self-proclaimed emo songwriter who knows how to press the spacebar and record,” Last Letters tells Eat This Music in our chat about his single, ‘You Swore‘. Last Letters started in 2016, but was mostly a way to showcase his production so he could show smaller local bands. “I still use LL for that”, the artist explains, “but I feel I’ve been getting a bit more creative and finally allowing myself to collaborate with friends and other musicians with an open mind.” Like most solo acts who produce at home, Last Letters always had tons of demos under his bed, but never wanted them to see the light of day.

Last Letters has been sitting on this single for a bit and didn’t get the chance to mix it for a good two months, but since he has been down in the Caribbean, he has been able to set aside some time and try not to focus on the pandemic stress and focus more on production. “I wrote it in Brooklyn back in March’, Last Letters reveals to Eat This Music, “tracked it all in a closet in Bradenton, FL in July, and mixed it in the Caribbean early August.” So yes, essentially he is pumped to have it out.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of the single, Last Letters explains that his single revolves around unfulfilled relationships, personal and fictional. “Whether you’re the one who has to make the move or it’s the other half, it’s never painless like you’d hope”, Last Letters continues.

Every few months, Last Letters will review his voice memos (which are filled with melodies and obnoxious pop punk breakdowns he ran out of the shower for), and see if anything stands out (is this hot trash worth demoing?). Often, no, he expalins. “The bridge in ‘You Swore’ was actually written first and I wanted it to be a chorus,” Last Letters tells Eat This Music, “but later decided it felt more like a concluding bridge section.” After Last Letters rearranged everything and demoing was done, he sent the track over to Aaron Gillespie and he slaughtered the drums. “Always been a fan of his work in Underoath and love his solo work in The Almost“, Last Letters assures Eat This Music, “so it was an honor to have him complete the track.”

Last Letters is thankful he can do everything on his computer; writing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, design work. “Ten years ago, I realized I couldn’t afford the “real studio experience” on my own,” he reveals to Eat This Music, “so I started teaching myself the ins and outs of home recording.” A good chunk of the year was put into this single, but there are more coming that Last Letters has been working on simultaneously.

“Since the beginning of 2020, I’ve been working with smaller Brooklyn artists to help them get their songs going,” Last Letters tells Eat This Music in our chat, “[and] I was taking a bit of a break from my own material.” All it took was an hour of reviewing his own voice memos to get him back into working on his own music, and it felt right to finish some old thoughts. “Now’s the best time to release music for everyone,” he explains. “We’ve been locked up. Life won’t be normal for quite some time. Why wait?”

Last Letters is working on an EP next: “six songs that were written together and belong together”, he reveals. “Keeping my fingers crossed I can get a few special guests to feature on them.” Last Letters also plans on releasing a handful of covers that he has been doing for fun since the beginning of quarantine, including the likes of The Kinks, Neil Young, Third Eye Blind, Hilary Duff, Weezer, and Tegan and Sara.

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