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The Beddy Rays are four slaphappy larrikins (Jacko – Guitar/Vox, Brad – Bass, Lewy – Guitar and Benny – Drums) slogging through the work week to play live on the weekend, and today sees the release of their brand new single, ‘Better Weather’, a song the band tells Eat This Music is about those times when you’re just not up for it, maybe you’re not in the best headspace – but more on that later!

“The whole pandemic has been huge punch to the guts for the whole music industry,” the band express to Eat This Music in our chat about their new single. “We’re doing ok though!” Work has slowed down a bit for the band, but they have had more time to be creative. “We bloody miss playing gigs,” the band assure Eat This Music, “but we know every artist is in the same boat.” In fact, Beddy Rays draw on inspiration from what other artists are doing with their spare time, and they know that they all just wanna cram in a room and listen to loud live music just as many other fans of music want to, however, that time will come!

Circling back to what their single is about, the band expand on what the story of the song is about, telling Eat This Music: “There might be a lot going on in the world around you but you just can’t keep up with it. Its our way to remind people to speak out and ensure that in time things do get better!”

This song started with Jacko, an acousting guitar and a chord progression. “Jacko does this thing where he wanders around the backyard like a crazy person singing melodies and scat lyrics over chords,” the band explain, which is like some sort of manifesting activity; After writing the lyrics down, Jacko brought them to the band and they essentially jammed it out adding all the Beddy Rays flare to it – which is what is in the final.

“We thought it was the perfect time to release this song”, the band reveal on the timing, “as a lot of people might be struggling to get through isolation.”

“We’d love to think of it as a bit of a pick me up. If it can help anyone get through a situation that would be awesome!” — Beddy Rays on the release of their new single, ‘Better Weather’.

On what the band have coming up next, they reveal that Brads got a reno up in noosa, Lewys got an oil leak to attend, Bennys wheeling barrows out in whoop whoop and Jackos gotta fix a coldroom in Fortitude Valley. But the Beddy Rays are always working together on demos, and are hopeful that they can can get an EP out early 2021!

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