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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Oakland, California-based five-piece punk band, Body Double, and the song chosen is their brand new single ‘Ready To Die‘. Coming off the release of the band’s debut LP ‘Milk Fed‘, due out for release September 18 via Zum – ‘Ready To Die’ sees the band explore the story of a spiritually broken individual who fantasises about dying but is too noncommittal for suicide.

“It’s semi-autobiographical in that it was written after my life had fallen apart,” Noah of Body Double explains. “I was getting off drugs.” Around this time scores of people were dying from Fentanyl overdoses and Noah found himself to be grief-stricken but also envious.

Not only does the visual aspect of the single (directed by Dalton Blanco of the band Prissy Whip) showcase the band’s interesting take on such a heavy handed topic, but the audible portion additionally adds to the overall presentation of this punk band’s signature sound and style.

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