That Hidden Promise is the solo project of Wayne from Blackpool, England, although, Wayne is now based in Somerset. That Hidden Promise came into existence sometime in 2010, however, prior to Wayne starting That Hidden Promise as a solo project, he had actually been recording material and had been in bands. “I had that unrelenting burn to create something different, as a solo act,” That Hidden Promise tells Eat This Music in our chat about his newest single, “which expresses who I am and the music I make.” That Hidden Promise self-produces his music and on stage, he tries to create a big atmosphere full of sound, well, as much as a one man solo act can do, using live beats, percussion, synths and live loops.

“As we don’t just have one mood, I can’t understand acts, that just have one sound, or just one theme to their musick,” That Hidden Promise continues, “My music, I feel, is created without those self-constraining boundaries, as I’d just find it really dull otherwise and I want to express whatever comes through me.”

The name, “That Hidden Promise”, originally comes from the idea that there is countless people you come across each, who all have something in them, some potential or talent and it’s unknown, unseen by everyone else, or even untapped usually and he kind of finds that fascinating.

Recently That Hidden Promise released his newest single, “You Can Have the World”, a song that he admits does have an important message, which, in these times, needs to be made. As That Hidden Promise explains: “The concept behind the single, is of someone looking into a city and world riven by division, chaos and revolution, whilst seeing the potential to rise through sacrifice and failure and up against a system all too quick to take the credit.”

This song has been in That Hidden Promise’s live set for about four years and as he is a solo act and wants to create a performance, he creates all the beats and synths live and loops the heavy guitars. Though, when That Hidden Promise recorded the single, he wanted to create more dynamics, so the way he programmed the beats was really important to keep that driving flow. “I layer it a bit live too,” That Hidden Promise tells Eat This Music about the creative process of his newest single, “though I really wanted to expend that with the recording and bring in different textures, so against the harsh distortion, there’s subtle arpeggios in there too.

Overall, this single is not too far from what you would normally hear live at all! Lyrically, the song is really concise, it says everything That Hidden Promise wants to in two verses and a chorus.

“In so far as it reflects what I see in the world and my own thoughts about that. Especially, so in the chorus too. It’s not autobiographical, though I’ve seen and experienced elements of the themes.” — That Hidden Promise on the creation of his newest single.

“There’s a tension that builds and builds, that leads to you needing to express things,” That Hidden Promise explains to Eat This Music. “The only way for me to express this properly is through music.” In fact, That Hidden Promise had not recorded for about two years for one reason or another and he just really wanted to get my music out again. It felt like the right time now to do so for him.

Coming off the release of That Hidden Promise’s debut album, the artist tells Eat This Music that “it’s called Who Knows Now?,” because he has never felt like we are living in more uncertain times, where every argument has a counter argument, and it is difficult to know where you are, or what kind of place we are at, than he has experienced before. “It’s healthy in some regards,” That Hidden Promise continues, “but trying to find your place in that world can be overwhelming sometimes, especially with someone who thinks as much as I do about it, I guess!”

Anyone who has seen one of That Hidden Promise’s live shows will know that every song is different. “I have no desire to repeat or be formulaic in what I do,” he tells Eat This Music, “which I guess might confuse people, over an artist who has a “sound”, or a “template”.”

“That’s not me and this album is reflective of that, so it goes from something as heavy as you Can Have the World, to some real contemplative pieces and everything in between.” — That Hidden Promise on what to expect from his debut album.

The album certainly has got some of the most immediate tracks he has ever written and lyrically really explores those feelings of what works, what doesn’t, the uncertainty, the longing, the desolation and the comfort of what we have and feel.

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