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Salarymen (Thomas and Renee) are a two piece from the inner western suburbs of Sydney. “We make indie rock with a bit of vintage influence thrown into the mix”, they tell Eat This Music in our Q&A about the release of their newest single, ‘Runaway‘. “We are as good as you can be during these weird times”, the duo express, “we’re actually rehearsing for our single launch in a few weeks, which is pretty surreal.”

The single launch will be Salarymen’s first gig in six months actually, and in fact, the duo are optimistic to have something to look forward to on the horizon, as they have just been working from home a lot, as the weeks seem to just roll into each other without having something to look forward to.

“It feels so good [to have the single out] sometimes when you spend so long on a track,” the duo express on the release of their newest single, “it’s hard to know if you even like it in the end. Finally getting it out into the world is really quite exciting, and a weight off our shoulders at the same time.”

Salarymen’s ‘Runaway’ is an aesthetically pleasing (visually and audibly) anthem that features the shared vocals of Thomas and Renee, while also showing their intriguing use of dreamy instrumentals and world building. ‘Runaway’ is about wanting to escape the stresses and routine mundanity of modern life, and ironically, in the last six months it has taken on new meaning as COVID and lockdowns have taken the world by storm per se. “We tweaked it to reflect our feelings at the moment,” the band reveal on the creative process of their newest single, “[and] it felt like the right time to release it.”

‘Runaway’ had gone through so many iteration: “The creative process was really long and even tiresome at points to be honest.” In fact, during the creative process of the single, Salarymen kept coming back to it over the course of the last year, adding little layers and changing things as they went along, trying to make it as good as possible. “We added SO MANY individual tracks to the file in Logic, that Thom’s computer couldn’t handle it anymore and we had to buy a new one [laughs]”, Renee of Salarymen explains.

“This single is an expression of the frustration we have been feeling over the last year – wanderlust, feeling stuck in an uninspiring place,” Salarymen explain on the relevance to their own lives to the song. “Music is our way of channeling feelings into something more productive than just sitting around being grumpy.”

Salarymen decided to make ‘Runaway’ their next single three months ago in the height of lockdowns. “The lyrics have a real sentiment of escapism and since we were supposed to be in Europe at the time,” the duo explain, “holidaying and playing a few gigs, which sadly got cancelled, it just felt like the right time.”

Thomas nd Renee are showing no signs of slowing down as they have a debut EP coming in 2020. “We have a lot of demos in the bank,” they reveal about the debut EP, “we’re getting ready to put something a little more substantial out than a single.” However, that will have to wait as Salarymen are only releasing it when they can tour the country again.


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