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Julian Cross is an electronic artist out of Belgium. In fact, Julian just loves being busy with music and everything that comes with the creative process. “At the moment I am very well,” Julian expresses at the start of our interview. “It is not an obvious time we currently live in.” As in many countries, specifically in Belgium, Julian had a lockdown of several weeks and even now they are some very strict regulations in regards to COVID-19. For youngsters like Julian, these times can be rather confusing and challenging.

“It feels great to have ‘Molecule’ out finally. I have been working really hard on it. It’s going really well. The reactions are very positive.” — Julian Cross on the release of his newest single, ‘Molecule’.

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of ‘Molecule’, Julian explains that [Molecule] “is about how to deal with a broken love. Even if you have removed all the material stuff from the other side out of your life, you still feel it in your veins,” Julian explains on the essence of the single.

Although, Julian tells Eat This Music that he actually made ‘Molecule’ simply because he likes to make music and wanted to share a song with the world. “I released it now”, he continues in our interview, “because it was ready and it just felt like a good time to release it.”

Coming off the release of his upcoming album ‘Nebula‘, Julian gave a hint as to how the album is coming along: “With ‘Nebula’ it’s going smoothly,” he reveals, “Several tracks of the album are ready. The release is scheduled for December 18 ! I Can’t Wait.” In fact, Julian Cross’ ‘Nebula’ is actually a collection of works featuring all of Julian’s singles – with a cool name of course.

“I am really proud of my album,” Julian tells Eat This Music, “[and] I can’t wait to share it with you.” Julian would describe the album as a rather new sound, a little bit different, between space and cyberpunk. “In my opinion the vocals makes its sound rather particular,” Julian says.

Julian is currently working on different projects at the moment. Actually, it is a little bit too early to share with anyone, however, one of the projects is a music video for his singles Molecule & Asteroids. “I am working on different projects right now,” he explains, “One of them is a clip for my next single ‘Asteroids’.” In the future Julian just wants to do what he likes to do the most: make music – all the time. Julian also wants to help young, upcoming artists release music through his own label New Breed Records.

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