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“To me, Gabrielle Vaughn is the definition of unique, and I am very proud of that,” the Nashville native artist tells Eat This Music at the top of our interview. In fact, Gabrielle likes to describe her sound and musical personality as “glam rock with a side of soul.”

Gabrielle Vaughn is the full embodiment of her confidence. When Gabrielle steps on stage or puts out a song, she wants people to feel comfortable and confident when they watch her or listen to her music. “I want them to feel comfortable and confident,” she says to Eat This Music, “because they feel my own confidence and comfort within myself as a performer.”

“My main goal as an artist is to always be transparent so my listeners know who they are listening to. So they can listen and see every emotion that I put into my music.”
— Gabrielle Vaughn on her music.

“I’m doing okay at the moment,” Gabrielle expresses to Eat This Music, “despite the current state of the world we’re living in.” Gabrielle is also anxious, skeptical, and a little on edge due to the pandemic. However, she does know we’ll all come out of this stronger and better than ever, and that’s the beauty she finds in the situation at hand.

Gabrielle feels amazing at the moment, especially now that single is out. As she expresses: “I had such a fantastic team working on it,” she explains, “each and every one of us poured our hearts and talents into it. So many good people helped this song together and I’m lucky to be able to show ‘Bad Intentions’ off.”

Going into detail on the inspiration of the song, Gabrielle explains to Eat This Music that is essentially came from a place of fear and a place of peace for her. “I started writing the lyrics as a typical break up song,” she continues, “saying that my ex was too clingy and suffocating, and that he was always opening the lock to my heart and throwing away the key so that he could have me and keep me.” While adding more to it, Gabrielle realised all of the values she had placed in the relationship were false and hurtful to the person she was dating at the time. All she really wanted was someone to love her and pay attention to her when she was anxious and depressed, and she really wasn’t interested in the person she was dating at all.

“Bad Intentions tells the story of how you might adore someone’s affection, but end up despising who they are as a person when they begin to suffocate you with that affection.” — Gabrielle Vaughn on the inspiration of her new single, ‘Bad Intentions’.

“The song is a scathing apology for screwing someone over when they were romantically good to you, but you started to hate their overbearing personality,” Gabrielle adds.

The creative process for the single was very different for Gabrielle. She was up late one night and wrote the lyrics as a poem at first. “My poems and lyrics always seem to come to me at 3 in the morning,” she reveals on the creative process, “which isn’t always very convenient.” Gabrielle’s friend, co-writer, and manager, Katrien, helped her put the poem into a better format for a song. “We then took those lyrics to my friend and producer, J4”, Gabrielle continues, “he wrote the music.” Then Gabrielle got into the studio and made some real magic happen. As Gabrielle details: “This song went on quite a journey to get where it is today, but I am incredibly proud of it.”

“Like I said before, this song was based on a past relationship I had,” Gabrielle says to Eat This Music about the question of much of her life played in the creation of the single. That relationship Gabrielle had was the first one she had since she broke up with her first love, and was pretty much a rebound because she wanted someone to be there for her. “The song is basically me lamenting about how all of my intentions for the relationship were wrong, and saying sorry for not feeling sorry when I broke up with him,” she says.

Essentially Gabrielle decided to make this single in March directly after she wrote the song. “I decided to release it now because I do feel so free at this point in my life”, she continues, “[and] feel okay with putting the story and this song out there.” Gabrielle Vaughn’s ‘Bad Intentions’ is about recognising her personal flaws in that relationship as well, and she has fully come to terms that being in a relationship with someone purely for attention is definitely not okay. “I came to that realization only recently,” she explains to Eat This Music, “that’s why I felt confident putting out ‘Bad Intentions.’”

Gabrielle Vaughn is currently working on improving her songwriting skills. “I have always been a singer,” she tells Eat This Music, “but have never considered myself much of a writer.” Gabrielle is hoping to work towards that goal, and she is also planning to get in the studio to record more singles very soon.

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