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“The music I create is a dreamlike audible diary,” Camille Christel tells Eat This Music at the top of our interview about her EP, “You”, “I sample sounds around me and gather words from my day to day.” Camille goes with what feels right to her and tries not to restrict herself as an artist. “I listen to a wide variety of music – pop, electronica, soundscapes and R & B,” she continues. In fact, Camille doesn’t actually want her music to fit in a specific genre, she is happy for people to take it and make it their own.

“I’m good thank you,” Camille expresses to Eat This Music, “I feel grateful that I have had a safe and healthy lockdown.” Camille has spent the past few months completely consumed by music and writing, which was really refreshing for her. Camille has put together a collection of songs and she has been collaborating with a few people, which she looks forward to releasing when life starts to go back to normal.

This EP has been in the making for years, capturing me at early stages of her life. “Each song has been me discovering myself as an artist,” Camille reveals on what her EP is about, “also its me experiencing so many moments over my teenage years.” One of the tracks was written when Camille was 13 and she has recently turned 20, so it really does capture her journey so far.

“‘you’ is a collection of songs all connected to places that hold a significance to me over the past few years,” Camille reveals. That aforementioned notion was a theme that Camille loosely set after writing her debut single ‘Copenhagen‘ in 2018, “I love things to fit together and have their own place”, she tells Eat This Music. Each track on the EP relates to each city in a personal and specific ways, “I have made a rule with myself,” Camille continues, “[that] I’ll never expose those reasons as I want the listener to create their own connections to the tracks and not be influenced by my stories.”

“The EP has been in the making for a long time so the production on each track is very different, and I guess that’s me learning how to create music and develop my own sound.” — Camille Christel on the creation of her EP.

“I haven’t had traditional training so I experimented without boundaries learning from mistakes and creating my own rules,” Camille continues, “I am dyslexic so the only consistency throughout all the tracks is the way I write and place words together.”

AS briefly touched on, Camille’s music is like her audible diary, so everything in the EP is related to her life. “It definitely reflects situations, feelings and emotions that I felt over this period,” she says, “but hopefully it has enough mystery for people to be able to connect and find relevance to their own lives.”

Camille had collected a body of songs she felt captured a period of her teenage years and as she turned 20 in July, she thought this was a perfect time to release an EP and move forward with her life and sound.

“My latest single release All I Ever Do (Berlin Solo)”, Camille reveals to Eat This Music on the question of which song she would recommend to listeners, “it captures loss and longing and hopefully makes a connection to others in this strange time of a pandemic.”

Going into detail on the single, Camille explains that she co-wrote the track with M.Craft at his Studio in Berlin [in]June 2018, “it was written in under 30 minutes at the very end of a session before my flight home,” she explains. “The aim of the track was always to be simple, so the main focus was the meaning and words.” ‘All I Ever Do (Berlin Solo)’ was Camille’s first time writing music with anybody else, exposing her words, thoughts and experiences. “I learnt a lot,” she tells Eat This Music. In fact, this track is a letter to the lost, a relationship in any form or even a moment in time which you will never experience again. “So consumed by a feeling of loss, it’s so constant it’s even in your dreams,” Camille explains.

“I would like to bring my lockdown project to life and see where it leads,” Camille explains to Eat This Musico n what she has coming up next.

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