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Billyracxx is probably one of the most trailblazing young artists currently emerging into the mainstream. Everything about him is alien to pop-culture. “I am blessed to not have to complain about much,” Billyracxx expresses to Eat This Music at the top of our Q&A. “Obviously, the world going through some weird shit at the moment and I’m using the good and bad as inspiration.”

Billyracxx took the time out of his day to answer a couple of questions about his single, ‘Melt My Face‘, a song that is about a kid screaming about how perfectly imperfect he is. “I don’t lie about who I am,” Billyracxx explains to Eat This Music, “so when I put it in my music and my visuals, it comes out very chaotic and beautiful.”

Billyracxx’s creative process is crazy, he admits. It is something he is very proud of, but hates explaining. “Let’s just say this video will make you feel exactly how the song makes you feel,” he adds. Essentially, Billyracxx came at this video with no boundaries.

Most of Billyracxx’s videos are pure symbolism. “People will be able to decode my videos when I die,” she says. ““Melt my Face” is no exception.” Although, most of the scenes in the video are really telling on how Billyracxx’s twisted mind sees everything that is really going on around him.

“I made this video as a statement to be honest. The whole release is a statement.” –Billyracxx on his music video for ‘MELT MY FACE’

“I’m bending genres and doing things in my visuals that have cinematic, rock, Avant Garde,” he continues, “traditional hip-hop element.” Essentially Billyracxx does what he wants.

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