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Rosa Mystica is the name this indie artist out of Los Angeles, California, uses to channel the energy for her music. “The name originates from a famous Italian apparition of the Virgin Mary, an archetype I really resonate with,” Rosa tells Eat This Music. “I also love the mysterious, romantic, and everlasting qualities that the rose represents.” In fact, the name evokes certain emotions for Rosa herself.

“I’m actually really happy at the moment! Thanks for asking.” Rosa expresses. “I am loving my existence,” she continues, “that’s something that’s never been 100% true for me my whole life.” As much as this year was chaotic for most of people around the world, Rosa has became a lot more mentally stronger because of it.

Rosa is really stoked about the feedback she has been receiving on the release of her debut single, which includes feedback that has been super positive. Rosa reiterates: “I’m so happy I took my time with this single, from the production to the visuals. I’m very satisfied, and I feel like I really found my sound.”

Essentially Rosa’s debut single is about unrequited love. “I really resonated with the image of a lover holding roses for someone who couldn’t really care less about this really romantic gesture of love,” Rosa explains to Eat This Music. Although, ‘Holding Roses’ is a metaphorical representation of unrequited love at the end of the day. Rosa is also heavily inspired by groupie culture and reflecting on what that means to her as a person.

“As any writer knows, there’s songs that come easily”, Rosa continues, “some that take a lot of love and dedication to come to fruition.” ‘Holding Roses’ is a song that was completely the former. It came out in a stream of consciousness – in fact, Rosa probably wrote it within 20 minutes, she reveals.

“All my songs come from real life experiences. Falling in love with fallen musical men, addiction, unrequited love, existentialism, and longing are themes I find that come up a lot in my music.” –Rosa Mystica on the creation and inspiration of her debut single.

Rosa decided on ‘Holding Roses’ as her debut single because she felt that this song captured the musical and aesthetic world she is trying to create. “I love the style and consciousness that came out of the 60s/70s”, she reveals, “[including] counterculture, groupies, and mind expansion.” These ideas really resonate with Rosa and interest her. “I felt like lyrically and sonically,” she continues, “this is totally Rosa Mystica”. Rosa also received feedback from friends, family, and people in the industry, that ‘Holding Roses’ was a really strong song to begin with. Intuitively, Rosa just felt it was right. “I released it now because I no longer had any questions in my mind about my path or fears about my abilities as an artist,” she tells Eat This Music.

“I’ve had a song that I’ve wanted to record for a long time,” Rosa reveals on what she has coming up next, “but was unsure what type of musical direction I wanted to go with it.” Rosa had the melody, lyrics, and chords for many years of the aforementioned single, and wants to make sure that it is put in the right context. “My vision for it will include even more bluesy guitar,” she continues, “a lot more organic sounding, with a full band. I’m thinking very psych-rock, Brian Jonestown Massacre esque, with singer-songwriter qualities.”

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