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Midnight Fuckboys are a rock band who rely on passion rather than skill, in fact, they are a little hungry, but they tell Eat This Music that over all they are doing great at the moment. “Album’s out at last,” they enthusiastically express in our interview about the release of their debut album ‘Greatest Hits‘, “we’re very pleased with how it has been received so far.”

“Thank you. It feels like, “Finally!”, ya know?” the five-piece (Murray, Harry, Harris, Connor and Charlie) out of Brisbane, Australia, express. “We’ve been sitting on these songs for so long now so we’re stoked to have them out in people’s homes, cars and AirPods.”

The debut eight track album from the band doesn’t actually cover any one theme, however, now that it is out, the band are sort of rediscovering the odd lyric here and there each day. “Today, we’ll say the it’s mostly about being drunkenly intimated by girls”, they reveal on what the album could be about today.

“Very cool and lazy’, the band express on the creative process of the debut album. Actually, these songs were some of the first songs the five-piece wrote when they were getting together as a band. Upon reflection though, the band had so much fun writing them together because they were all so new to it and they were just trying to figure it out together. “It was pretty exciting”, the band tell Eat This Music. “Not saying that we’ve mastered song writing now but… we’re damn close. So watch out McCartney.”

“Other than the few dozen times we blatantly stole from songwriters we admire, almost entirely.” — Midnight Fuckboys on the creation of their album.

Releasing an album was always a dream for the band. In fact, the band are only releasing the album now because it took a few years for them to get their stuff together. “We’re an independent band,” they express, “with 7 fans, and we had never recorded before. Give us a break!” So Eat This Music has given them a break.

“We’re pretty fond of all them”, the band counter to the question of which song would they recommend to listeners. Although, a lot of people seem to like their song “Harry’s Never Had a Girlfriend“, “so let’s play it safe today and go with that,” the band tell Eat This Music.

Midnight Fuckboys have got a bunch of great demos and so many other songs up their sleeve that are all quite different. So, they need to sit down as a band together and bicker about which direction they want to ride in. “Rest assured, we’re very eager to begin recording again”, the band conclude.

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