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Liza Anne is an artist Eat This Music first came across all the way back in October 2017 when the United States-based musician released her single “Paranoia“, Liza then went on to release “Closest To Me“, “Small Talks” and “Devotion” throughout 2017, 2018 & 2019, respectively.

July 2020 saw the release of Liza Anne’s brand new album, “Bad Vacation“, an album Liza tells Eat This Music is about out growing bad habits, the strange fluid window between emotional abuse and learning to love yourself and others again, healing, freedom. “Maybe there is a little bit of everything,” Liza explains.

“I’m growing,” she expresses to Eat This Music in our interview. “So, I’m okay – tired – thankful – aware. All of it.” On the album actually being out, Liza assures her fans and listeners that she feels really really good! Liza spent a lot of time not being sure when or how or what it [Bad Vacation] was going to be and it really became itself – now Liza is just ready for it to be everybody’s album.

Going into detail on the creation of “Bad Vacation”, Liza reveals to Eat This Music that it felt like real collaboration. “I wish this could be asked to every band member”, she says, “because yeah,these songs topically are a sort through of my emotional landscape,” however, there is a bit of each of the band and the producers – Josh, Lou, Cody, Robbie, Micah and Kyle and Justin – in this album. As Liza details: “It feels like a collective hand print of all our own inspirations we brought in to make this happen.”

On the album, Liza and her team all brought their favourite sounds, recording techniques, tones and muses, references and nostalgia into one space and it didn’t feel like too much. “It felt like a dinner party where everyone had enough time to share”, Liza continues on the creation of the album, “everyone left feeling like more of themselves because of the conversations with others lighting up parts of them not always experienced or given room.”

“At least, as someone inside and also observing, that’s what I felt while we made this thing. I wanted to make room for everyone.” — Liza Anne on the creation of her album.

“That’s the art I love,” Liza continues about the creation of her album, “that’s the art I want to make – art that doesn’t lie about all the beautiful minds that built it. Bad Vacation isn’t just mine – it’s ours.”

Liza doesn’t really ever decide to make albums. In fact, they happen because they are the tangible proof of Liza’s emotional process. Liza expands on this notion: “I had started making it and stopped making it so many times between 2018 and the beginning of 2020.” In fact, Liza thinks, once she and her team really gave themselves a window to finish the record – which was January 2020 – she didn’t want to wait forever to have it out of her own system. “Giving it to everyone is the most cathartic part of it because in doing it, I’m making room for whatever could come next,” Liza emphasis.

“Listen in order”, Liza tells Eat This Music after being asked which songs off the album are a must. “That’s how I envisioned it and most people don’t but that’s how I would listen”, she continues, “if I could have a first time through with no prior experience of it.” Although, Eat This Music highly suggests “Terrible Discover” and “Oops”, they are great!

What’s next for Liza Anne now that her album is out? Well, Liza says: “Poetry, sobriety, more music. All of it.”

Liza Anne’s “Bad Vacation” is now out through Arts & Crafts.

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