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Beth Keeping is a singer-songwriter from Surrey and she makes pop music with country-influenced lyrics, which Beth likes to call “pop stories”. “I also enjoy writing for other artists”, Beth tells Eat This Music in our Q&A. Beth also likes to run a movement called ‘Write Like A Girl’ to champion female songwriters. In fact, Beth recently moved back to London after isolating with her family for a few months too. “It’s exciting to be back in the city”, she expresses, “I love and have space to be creative and think about new music projects.”

Beth has a new single out at the moment titled ‘Cool Kids‘, which is essentially an anti-bullying anthem. A theme relevant to a lot of people who may have been bullied during their time at school. “It’s been so great to hear people’s reactions to the song”, Beth enthusiastically expresses to Eat This Music. “It’s quite a vulnerable thing to talk about your personal experience with bullying”, she continues, “but to hear how so many different people have related to the song and been encouraged by it makes it all worth it!”

As briefly touched on above, ‘Cool Kids’ is about bullying, as Beth explains: “[it explores] how it shapes us, and how when we grow up a power shift often occurs”, while also touching on “the kids who were picked on for being different or “nerdy” grow up to do really cool things as adults!”

A couple of years ago Beth heard that someone who used to bully her at school now listens to her music. “I thought it would be a fun topic for a song,” Beth tells Eat This Music, “then I decided to go deeper into how it made me feel,” in fact, Beth thinks about how she could use her story to encourage listeners who might be going through a similar thing.

“Usually my creative process involves a lot of time crafting lyrics and melodies, but this particular single was written in under an hour.” — Beth Keeping on her creative process

“I’d been writing with my friend Vic Allen earlier that day about her teenage years”, Beth continues on the creation of ‘Cool Kids’, “so that evening I was inspired to write my own story…and the song just fell out!” Beth then took the song to her producer Kaity Rae and we spent quite a bit of time working on the production to get the right sound and rewrote the bridge together.

All of Beth’s own life played in the creation and influence of the single. “I don’t tend to hold anything back – every lyric is intentional and included for a reason”, she explains. In fact, Beth tells Eat This Music that she finds that when she is completely honest about her experiences and how they make her feel, those are the songs that are most relatable to others.

“The simple answer is it was so catchy I couldn’t not release it”, Beth reveals on why she wanted to make the single. “I had reservations about putting out new music during the pandemic when our lives look so different right now”, she continues, “but I think it’s important to keep creating new art and putting it out into the world to make people smile during this uncertain time.”

Beth has a new song that is currently being finished and is scheduled to come out in autumn: “it’s called Love Me Underwater”, Beth reveals, “it’s about being there for someone when they’re going through hard times.” Beyond that, Beth is looking forward to spending the next few months focusing on writing and thinking about what stories she wants to tell next.

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