Sean The Star Emperor is a God and Monarch from another Galaxy, currently on earth to bless the world with its message of uninhibited fun! “I’m so well,” the intergalactic being expresses to Eat This Music with its words, “I love the pause that the world has unanimously been put into.” In fact, Sean The Star Emperor believes this time should be used to reflect and remember that there is more to life than the material.

However, Sean The Star Emperor is actually an intergalactic artist with a brand new single on hand titled ‘Prenup‘. “It’s a blessing and I love having Katherine Rose be a part of this,” the God and Monach expresses to Eat This Music. Sean The Star Emperor loves that its song is a fun club song and can be served as a reminder that we can all still be jovial during dark times.

Sean The Star Emperor played hard to get when it came to actually revealing what the single was about. “You want all the perks out of me being “easy,”, the Star Emperor refutes to Eat This Music’s questions, “how committed to me are you truly? How committed to me are you lover? How committed to me are you America?”

Although, Sean The Star Emperor puts itself into the minds of others and plays the “what if,” game and did ease up a little when it came to talking about its own life and relevance to its single. Sean The Star Emperor has been around a lot of older women in its life and heard this repeated statement, “she gave him everything and he just left her for someone younger,” et al, in fact, that idea(s) of building someone up and then making him/her successful and then now that he/she is “It,” (s)he takes off…seemed scary for Sean The Star Emperor. “I never wanted to be abused,” Star Emperor adds onto the aforementioned.

“Well the message of being in one’s power can never be disseminated enough; we always need to foster our reserves,” Sean The Star Emperor explains on the why it wanted to use a single as a vehicle to transmit its message to humans. Now seemed like a great time though, as Sean The Star Emperor explains: “…especially as a Black man in our America, I need America to sign my Prenup!!”

Sean The Star Emperor still has more messages for the people of earth to listen out for. Specifically, “Witch Disco,” which will be its next creation. “It is full of conjure and will bewitch the masses, empower the listener, and seduce the dance,” Sean The Star Emperor ends our transmission.

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