Kuren is an indigenous music producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from a small town in New South Wales, Australia, called Hillston. Eat This Music first covered Kuren when he released ‘Mastercraft‘ back in August 2017, although, he did hit my radar a month or two earlier with a remix of The Kit String Tangle‘s ‘Selfish‘. Kuren’s music ranges across many soundscapes and genres, but Kuren’s mission as an artist is to simply keep an over arching level of emotive story telling within his records.

Kuren took the time out of his day to answer a couple of questions Eat This Music on the release of his latest single, ‘RUN‘. “I’m feeling really good,” he expresses to Eat This Music, “other than the world shutting down its been great to focus my time and energy on the important things.”

“Thank you, it feels amazing,” Kuren reiterates about his single. Following on from Kuren’s ‘HOLY WAVE‘ record earlier in May, the New South Wales native personally thinks ‘RUN’ is his favourite piece of work to date, so it feels very empowering to know that he, as an artist is improving for the greater good.

“The video is a representation of the fleeting moment that surrounds us,” Kuren explains on the above video. “When shifts occur around us so many are easily controlled by fear, I dont want anyone to stay still.” Kuren tells Eat This Music that he believes it is important for himself as an artist to create a message that keeps listeners moving, pushing and fighting.

“A fierce and quiet trippy visualisation but coupled with positive and reinforcing messaging.” — Kuren on the visuals of his ‘RUN’ video.

The creative process of ‘RUN’ was fairly similar to how he works on his other singles. “I start off with some melodies and drums and let the moment take the wheel,” he tells Eat This Music. Kuren is happy with his music these days as he is not overthinking it or necessarily working hard on ideas. “It’s more a flow of energy passing through me,” he explains about his style. As time went on Kuren sat on the record and pre meditated what he was going to talk about lyrically. Then he got in and recorded the vocals. The vocals were done in one take which was a first for him. Kuren just likes how they sit within.

“Having experimented with psychedelics, it was a massive creative shock for me,” Kuren explains on how his own life played in the creation of the since. Self-admittedly, he tells Eat This Music he begun demoing tracks that were inspired by that experience he went through.

Run is the first taste of Kuren’s new EP ‘Formula 5’. Formula 5 is an EP that will come out later this year. “Lots of collaborative projects in the works also,” Kuren also reveals. “Cant wait to share all of them.”

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