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“dats meee <3 spunky funky space cowgirl,” Kitty Coen expresses at the top of our Q&A. “I’m well,” she continues, “very excited for new music to drop.” “It feels amazing,” Kitty expresses on the release of her debut single, “I’ve been working on this song and creative vision for a year and it’s something I am very proud of.” However, Kitty wasn’t sure what the outcome would be because this is her first release, so she is thrilled!

On a base level though, Kitty Coen’s ‘Dark Soul‘ is a warning label to any potential lovers that might think they can tame an independent woman, “but on a deeper level it’s a song about being in love,” Kitty reveals, “Infatuated with something at first glance because of its beauty but then realizing that nothing is as it seems.”

“It began with me and my friend/fellow ATX musician Jonathan Terrell in his garage,” Kitty reveals on the creative process of her debut single, “I showed him my rough demo.” From there, Kitty and Jonathan zhuzhed up the chord progression and reworked the lyrics. About six months later Kitty recorded a demo with her (then) band. Kitty explains: “Weeks after I went to Nashville and met my producer Justin Johnson who understood the vision and the rest was history.”

Music became Kitty’s life once she realised that she was capable of going far with it. “I knew Dark Soul was going to be the first song I would release so my life pretty much revolved around it,” she continues, “I remember no one taking me or the track seriously once I left practice or wasn’t in their direct line of site motivating every step of the way.” Justin (Kitty’s producer) was the first person to truly understand how much this all meant to her and followed through with what he said he was going to do. Kitty assures listeners it comes down to having good people like that in the music industry. In fact, she learned that early on.

From there, Kitty decided she wanted to make music her job. “I graduated college early and was working on getting a job at C3 presents here in Austin,” she explains. Kitty went to the interview and did well so they gave her an all access pass to ACL to check out how it all works behind the scenes. While Kitty was attending, naturally, she met industry people and was asked “what do you do?”. Without even thinking Kitty responded with “I am a musician”. “Then and there I realized that I didn’t want to be behind the scenes or in PR, I wanted to perform,” she adds, “I released it back in March because I was an official artist at SXSW and wanted to direct people to something they could stream after I performed live but then COVID hit.”

To coincide with the singles release, Kitty released a music video. Speaking on the creation of the video, Kitty explains that the vibe of the video is disco cowgirl realness hunnti!!! “I wanted to take the viewer on a psychedelic trip through my mind,” she says, “once I enter the roadside gas station/bar I am in a whole new world, feeding the vices of my dark soul.”

“I wanted it to mirror the idea of having a whole world of wonder in your head but always having to come back to reality. I think a lot of people feel this way.” –Kitty Coen on the visuals of her music video.

“The world/ reality can be a dull and wicked place, it’s important to paint a positive picture in your mind of what it should or could be. Manifest that s***,” Kitty continues.

Going deeper into the creative aspect, Kitty explains to Eat This Music that she feels it is important to have a visual with songs (most of them) and she wanted that for Dark Soul. “I had many people tell me “there is no point, it’s already out” or “it can’t be done during this time” “it’s going to be way too expensive for an independent artist”,” she explains, “but when I set my mind to something there really isn’t anything that will stop me from getting it done (eventually).”

Kitty’s good friend Daniel Sahad is the same way as she is in that aforementioned regard (they are both Aries). Kitty spoke to him about her vision and he made it a point to make Dark Soul happen. “He connected me with Aaron Brown at Onion Creek Productions,” she states, “after 2 different creatives, a spike incovid, a mass citizen uprising against systematic injustice to black americans, cancelled trips to filming locations because of covid and 2 full days of filming: Dark Soul Music video was born! Hell of a ride.”

“My single “Lost in California” is set to release mid august with a video,” Kitty reveals on what she has coming up next, “But right now I am working on my third single and my EP! [BIG SMILE]” Kitty is super excited to share it with all of you.

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