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Francesca Louise is a folk singer-songwriter originally from the North West of England. “I grew up with a musical mother and father and have followed suit!” she tells Eat This Music at the top of our Q&A. Francesca is a nature-loving, animal-friendly, family-orientated person and she does love a good cup of coffee and a book at the local cafe. “At the moment I’m ok,” she continues. “On release day, I was bedridden, and for days beforehand, with illness but the love and positive responses I was getting from fans and friends and colleagues was just so overwhelming and made my being sick that bit more bearable!”

In the lead up to the release of Francesca Louise’s debut EP, ‘Melancholic Antidote‘, she was experiencing all sorts of feelings: (nervousness, doubt, fear, excitement, anticipation), just to name a few, but now that it is out Francesca feels relief, “I feel acceptance and freedom”, she explains to Eat This Music. “It has realigned me with who I am as well, as a songwriter.” In fact, Francesca thinks in the lead up to the release of the EP she got so caught up in the preparations that she forgot that she is a creator, and that she needed to create! “So I’m straight back to the drawing board writing more now. It feels amazing!” she says.

Going into detail on the creation of the EP and what it is all about, Francesca reveals to Eat This Music that it covers many topics, all of which she knows people may resonate with. “It is an EP about life really,” she continues, “an autobiography exposition of my life over the past 3 years.” Essentially the six-track EP touches on love, friendship, travel, purpose, future, past, career… “you name it, I can guarantee I talk about it within the EP,” Francesca assures Eat This Music.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was bumpy at times,” Francesca assures listeners. However, with some really tricky obstacles to face in the production and in the lead up to even getting to the studio, Francesca has to say that she was tested! “But, I love what I do and those obstacles just make you strive for it even more! For the most part it was one of the most beautiful experiences,” she states. “I was working with people that I love dearly, old friends and new friends that I made along the way.” Francesca was able to be totally vulnerable in her work and put her music in the hands of people she trusts. “I mean, how much more special can you get?” she adds.

“I write from experience. I write about my own life and my own thoughts and feelings and I think that if I were to try to recreate stories that aren’t my own, there wouldn’t be the same feeling to come from it (unless, of course, the stories were close to my heart in other ways).” — Francesca Louise on her debut EP, ‘Melancholic Antidote’.

Francesca decided to make the EP because she has been gigging around London and the UK for the past three years now – having only released two singles [‘Birds’ and ‘Out of Sight (Out of Mind)’] – and audiences and fans were asking where they could listen to her music or if they could purchase it anywhere. “My answer was ‘it will be available really soon’ for a while and life was running away with me,” she explains, “I decided to give people one EP where they could find some of those songs they had heard live.” People have supported Francesca for a long time and it was about time she gave something in return.

“I would recommend ‘If I’m Wrong’,” Francesca suggests to Eat This Music about which song she would recommend to listeners, “It is a mid-tempo track with a bit of a bite to it.” The running theme in the tune is Francesca’s bitter-sweet relationship with the music industry and considering the industry is on its knees at the moment, Francesca thinks the song is a really important song to have out there and for you to consume.

Francesca has a couple of projects releasing over the next couple of months to support the release of her EP, ‘Melancholic Antidote’, so keep an eye out for that on socials and via Francesca’s email subscription. Also, “the boys and I are working on getting some more music out in the near future,” she adds. “More things to come and to be announced, but all in good time!! [smiles],” Francesca concludes.

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