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Olivia Lunny is an artist and songwriter out of Canada. Although her music is very pop, a lot of her initial song ideas come from a place of folk/indie. “I started writing songs at the age of 12 and haven’t looked back since”, she tells Eat This Music, “as an artist I feel like my sound is ever evolving as I make music and explore different themes lyrically.” In fact, Olivia is pretty excited to continue sharing her music with others. Music brings her joy and her hope is by sharing her passion through music, it will bring a smile to others who listen.

“I’m well thank you!” Olivia expresses to Eat This Music, “we are living in some very chaotic times right now but I have my health along with my guitar, family & friends so I cannot complain!” Although, Olivia does express how it feels great for her to finally be able to share her new single, ‘Hold Me‘, with the world. “I wrote it early last October,” she reveals, “so I have been able to sit with the song for quite a while and be with it fully.” In fact, Olivia is very excited that others get to experience it in its fullest form now!

Olivia doesn’t often know what is weighing on her chest until she writes and hears the words. In fact, she put that mentality into ‘Hold Me’, explaining to Eat This Music how the lyrics explore the frustration that comes with actions not lining up with words. In fact, “this song is about a one sided situation where someone is giving everything (their heart and all) and the other is taking without reciprocation,” she adds.

“It was very cool for me to experience the evolution of this song as it came to being finished,” she adds. The creation of the single started as a Piano ballad and once Olivia brought it to her producer, AJ Healey, he worked with her on it and turned the song into a BOP. “I had a lot of fun working on this song,” in fact, Olivia is really, really thrilled with how the single turned out for her in the end.

“All of my music Thus far has been written from my point of view about personal experiences. I find writing helps me better understand my emotions and experiences i’’m going through at that very moment in time.” — Olivia on the relevance of ‘Hold Me’.

‘Hold Me’ came to life in a spontaneous fashion for Olivia. Olivia details: “I sat down at the piano one evening and the song came out in its entirety revealing how I felt to myself.” Olivia decided to release it with her two other singles as they all fit together exploring a very similar theme – confusion and heartbreak. The 3 song’s released by Olivia will also be a part of an EP coming in August.

“I’m constantly writing. You can expect lots more to come in the next few months! music videos, new songs etc!! Thanks so much for chatting! much love [smiles].”

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