Harry Taylor was born and raised in Italy, he is a singer and songwriter too… in fact, his passion for songwriting and storytelling started in middle school when he took guitar lessons. “Playing the guitar was the instrument that inspired me to write songs at first,” he tells Eat This Music at the top of our Q&A. “Then I moved to LA to study music production and I’m now living in New York City.” Harry is the type of artist that loves Pop and Indie music; he takes notes and inspiration from artists like Bleachers, the 1975 and Haim.

“I’m doing great right now,” Harry tells Eat This Music, “I live in New York and the city is finally getting back to normal after these crazy times.” That is the reason why Harry felt like it was the right time to release his new single, “No Longer Available“. Being in quarantine put everything into a different prospective for Harry, as he explains, “I felt like the universe was telling us to take a break and I personally took it as a sign,” he continues, “I collected myself and I got ready for this moment which is releasing No Longer Available.”

“So proud of this one and I’m excited that it’s finally out in the World. Releasing new music is the best feeling and I hope that No Longer Available can be part of the soundtrack of this summer for a lot of people.” — Harry Taylor on “No Longer Available”.

Harry took the time out of his day earlier in July to answer a couple of questions about the new single for Eat This Music. Speaking on what “No Longer Available” is about, Harry explained that the song is about falling in love during a hot summer with your best friend and eventually falling apart right before summer ends. Essentially the song is the story of an emotionally unraveled summer love.

Going into detail on the creative process of the single, Harry explains to Eat This Music that it first started with the song’s title. “I took my guitar and I wrote the chorus first,” Harry continues. “It came out so naturally because I wanted to tell the story with no filters and if you think that on the song I sing “the story is No Longer Available”, having no filters it’s a sort of paradox!”

Harry always writes about his personal life but he also tries to make his music relatable for everyone. At the time of writing this single, someone broke Harry’s heart and he had to find out through social media that he found a new guy. “That’s why on my song I say ‘the story is no longer available’,” Harry explains, “I literally remember looking [at] the screen of my phone and those words on my Instagram stories.”

Although, Harry believes people can relate to this song in some way: “…we all use our socials to find out the little details about everyone’s life,” Harry expresses to Eat This Music, “you have to deal with the consequence of finding the truth and most of the time truth hurts.”

“I decided to release it now because it gives me summer vibes and it’s a fun song to play in the car while you’re driving to the beach with your windows down.” — Harry Taylor on why he decided to release “No Longer Available” now.

“I’m working to release an EP by the end of the year but before that I want to release some new songs,” Harry assures Eat This Music at the end of our Q&A, “So prepare to hear more music soon.”

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