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NOTE: This interview touches on mental health (specifically depression). If you or anyone you know needs help, please seek support. Information to Australian support services are located in the piece below. U.S. readers please click HERE & U.K. readers HERE for local support services.

Natalie Carr is a pop/R&B artist based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, but grew up forty-five minutes outside of New York City, in Stamford, Connecticut. While Natalie grew up playing both the guitar and piano, she finds her primary inspiration in writing and singing records alongside a host of talented producers.

“I’m doing great!” Natalie expresses to Eat This Music in our Q&A, “I’m currently hanging out with my cat (Kenny) and drinking coffee.” Self-admittedly, Kenny is Natalie’s best friend. “Thank you so much for interviewing me, I love the content!” Natalie took the time out of her day to answer a couple of questions about her latest single, ‘Sad Little Rant‘. “It feels great to finally have it out”, she expresses to Eat This Music. In fact, Natalie wrote the song in October of 2019, “at first with a male artist in mind”, she reveals, “but there was something about it I really connected with and I decided to run with it as a single later on.”

Speaking to Eat This Music on the release of ‘Sad Little Rant’, Natalie explains that the song is about being depressed and directionless. Natalie expands: “Not every sentiment expressed in the song is about me personally,” she assures Eat This Music, “but more so about all of us feeling like we aren’t measuring up to some standard in life and how draining that can be.”

“When I look closely at myself and my friends,” Natalie continues, “it’s not super surprising that a lot of us turn to substance abuse and develop poor mental health as results of unrealistic expectations set upon us.” The fact is, Natalie truly feels like ‘Sad Little Rant’ embodies the aforementioned.

Natalie strives to write a narrative that anyone could relate to, “even if that meant one or two lines” she adds. Natalie wrote this at a time where she felt things were happening around her and to her, while her personal wants and wishes weren’t really delivering (i.e. writing ‘happy’ upbeat songs, failed romantic relationships, financial trouble). “I wanted to write something raw and revealing,” she says. “I remember free-styling the first verse in my car on the way to the studio to record something else,” then Natalie wrote the rest when she got there. The creative process of the single was quick and it turned into a song Natalie really connected with once she fleshed it out.

Natalie definitely connected with every part of the song in some capacity, however, because she wanted the narrative and flow of the song to encompass lots of issues that so many people deal with, there are parts that are less specific to Natalie and more specific to society at large. “I’m really not ashamed of anything I’ve been through,” Natalie candidly reveals to Eat This Music, “often times I write lyrics that confront shame head on because I know that people will relate even if not outwardly.”

“I decided to release the single back in February, but when Covid hit, our distribution pushed it back a bit (understandably). I’ve been really eager to get this one out there, so it’s better late than never!” — Natalie Carr on the release of her single.

To coincide with the single release, Natalie put together an interesting music video to express herself visually. “I went into the video with the idea to make it as random and montage-esque as possible”, Natalie says. Since this is actually her first video, she really just wanted it to be seen and introduced even in lieu of an overarching concept. “I imagine my next video will have more of a storyline,” she assures Eat This Music. But since ‘Sad Little Rant’ is so scattered in nature, Natalie wanted the video to match that vibe!

“The scenes with the balloons/kiddie pool/watermelon resemble childhood,” Natalie explains on the visuals of the music video. However, in one specific part of the lyrics Natalie explains that she was saying “every child’s with I had turned into ‘should’ but ‘I can’t” juxtaposed with addiction/dissatisfaction in my adult life”.

“Thank you so much for asking!” Natalie expresses on the question about what she has coming up next. “I have a lot of songs in the queue because I consider myself to be a writer first and foremost”, she reveals. In fact, Natalie explains to Eat This Music it is actually hard to say if she will release another single before a full EP, however, she is hoping her next track will be an upbeat one since the last two were more mellow. “I have some cool ideas for videos and visuals that I’m excited to present as well”, Natalie concludes. Natalie Carr is an interesting artist and one Eat This Music is looking forward to covering more.

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