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Theresa is a New York based singer, songwriter and producer who is finally living her dream of sharing her music with the world. Theresa makes it no secret that she turned 40 years old this year. “It was always my goal to become a pop star”, she expresses to Eat This Music, “but like most of us, insecurity and doubt filled my mind and I just didn’t think I was good enough.” It was almost 2 years ago where Theresa lit a personal fire under her own ass to pursue her passion. The rest is history for her. In fact, she has been working on her music religiously ever since.

“I am pretty good!” she expresses, “It’s a rainy Friday evening after another week in 2020.” In fact, at the time of this interview, Theresa is currently enjoying a homemade Old Fashioned and admits it’s really hitting the spot! By day Theresa leads the music department at a pretty incredible ad agency – and then by night, she tries to concentrate on her music career. “My weeks are long,” she reveals to Eat This Music, “but I love every minute of every day. Just makes the drinks taste so much better!”

“YASSSS!! It’s awesome to have “Kiss Kiss” out right now. To me, it feels like the quintessential Summer song – you know, the song that you want to hear in the car – windows down! – either on a road trip with your friends or on the way to the day at the beach.” — Theresa on the release of her new single.

Theresa’s ‘Kiss Kiss’ celebrates all the feels and excitement of having a crush. “We all have had that someone in our eye we probably shouldn’t be crushing on,” she explains to Eat This Music. “Suddenly, this fantasy evolves in your mind and has gone from an unpractical scenario to you and that special someone smooching on a glass table just like the final scene in Sixteen Candles – birthday cake included!” Although, if you have not seen the movie Sixteen Candles, Theresa does recommend doing so, “do yourself a favor and watch it. Jake Ryan is a dreamboat. Swoon.” she adds.

“This was a fun one to make!” Theresa reveals to Eat This Music. “I came up with an idea for a song earlier on called “Just One Kiss” but it really didn’t flourish into what I was envisioning.” Theresa was then in a session with her two very good friends and favourite collaborators, Mike Cash (Electric Bodega) and Jesse Blum (MisterWives). “We started jamming and we developed this infectious groove”, Theresa continues, “I escaped the studio to work on the lyrics for 20 minutes and my mind went back to the verses from “Just One Kiss”.” Theresa then wrote a new chorus and viola, ‘Kiss Kiss’ was born.

On the relevance of her own life, Theresa was not willing to reveal to much to Eat This Music. “OH, you know I don’t kiss and tell!” she expresses, “we’ve all had crushes”. They are so exciting and fun, she adds. Although, Theresa does know this is the song she will play on repeat the next time she has a crush!

Theresa never really decide to make anything – she feels like the music and the ideas flow naturally – and when creativity strikes, you just got to jump on it. “Like I said earlier, it’s the SUMMER! And it’s been a crazy year.” Not just for Theresa, but for millions of people as well. So essentially Theresa wanted to release a fun Summer song for people to let our hair down and just take a break for three minutes and thirty five seconds.

“Oh I have so much music in the works,” Theresa reveals to Eat This Music on what she has coming up next. “We’ve got singles planned into next year and I am currently working on some new material that I can’t reveal too much about at the moment,” although, she can not wait to share what she has next. “I am so excited to be living out my dreams and I really won’t stop til I get to the top!”

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