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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Canadian artist, Madison Olds. “It’s fine to take a moment to just feel sad,” Madison expresses about her new single, ‘Best Part of Me‘. “We don’t always have to appear happy or even okay all the time.” In fact, Madison wrote ‘Best Part Of Me’ with that mentality in her mind, having felt tired of pretending, and hiding bad days. “I think my exact words that day were”, she expands on the previous statement, “it feels really good to just sit on the floor, cry and give into an anxiety attack.”

Following on from the release of Madison’s 2019 7-track EP, ‘Blue‘, Madison’s first single of 2020 sees the Vancouver native offer a glimpse into her 2020 mindset smack-dab right in the middle of a pandemic – offering listeners a soothing pop anthem that showcases an interesting diverse range of instrumentals, while also taking nothing away from Madison’s over-arching vocals and atmosphere building world.

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