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Today’s delicious song of the day is ‘Chapel (featuring rapper and sound designer WaveIQ)‘ by Australian producer Willaris. K.. Coming off the release of Willaris’ ‘Full Noise‘ EP, due out July 17 via Virgin EMI, sees Willaris offer a hand-cam style mixed media message through text and graphic overlays, while guiding the viewer through the chaotic mind of WaveIQ.

Working with Taylor & Dusty Mortis Studio on the video, they explain that they had so much fun basically sitting in an empty studio with Wave and letting his energy do all the work. “Dude was an unmatched pro and we probably could have walked away after the first run”, Taylor & Dusty explain, “but we sat around and played with ideas together and were able to catch some incredible moments.”

“In post production, we got to experiment with GAN computer learning for a few shots as well as play with some of our favorite FX. The song is fast and catchy so in the edit we tried to match the energy.” — Taylor & Dusty on the creation of the video.

This is a great track from two different collaborators; in fact, ‘Chapel’ offers some of the best mixed, fast paced vibes and instrumentals around. WaveIQ’s vocals placed over the sketchy instrumentals and beats from Willaris make for a nice collaboration and one I hope happens more often.

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