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Cat SFX is a London-based four-piece pop/punk band and they recently released their latest single, ‘Doom Generation‘, a song Cat from Cat SFX tells Eat This Music is essentially “a commentary on the times we are living in,” specifically the issues facing our generation and the effects it has on mental health, in which Cat continues: “the big corporations that seek to profit from our misery”.

“It feels really good to finally have the song out”, Cat expresses about the single now being out in the world, “obviously given the current climate everything feels a little uncertain, but we’re happy its out in the world.”

“The single started life as a poem/rant which I then took into the studio and Gordon Mills (who I co-write everything with) brought it to life on guitar and we went from there.”
— Cat SFX on their new single, ‘Doom Generation’.

“All of it!! It’s very much written from experience”, Cat reveals to Eat This Music on the relevance of the song to her own life, however, Cat decided to make the single after reading about yet another person who had taken their life due to online bullying and not having the right mental health help available. “There is a mental health pandemic”, she adds, “the big corporations profit from this.” The notion of capitalism is explored within the themes of the single, “Whether its selling you an impossible image of yourself”, Cat continues in our chat, “or selling you the drugs to “make you better” they are making money from misery.”

Cat SFX decided to put the song out now because there is no time like the present. At the moment though, Cat SFX are just working on songs, “no live right now obviously, so just writing new tracks”, Cat concludes.

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