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Tina Says is an electronic artist out of Western Australia and she is a favourite of Eat This Music, in fact, Eat This Music last had a chat with Tina back in November 2019 when the Perth artist released her single ‘Elevate‘, however, Tina Says is back with a brand new bouncy bop anthem titled ‘Limbo‘, a song Tina Says tells Eat This Music is essentially about juxtaposition, “in the way of how the vocals work alongside the beat but also in the lyrics itself,” Tina explains, “how you can go from a point of complete normality to being thrown into another depths, in this instance being in murky waters, in limbo.”

“I’m actually super happy”, Tina expresses to Eat This Music, “thrilled about everything considering how much I was affected by the pandemic. Just seems like one door shuts and a bunch more open.”

“I’m so relieved to finally have it out in the world. It was one of those ideas I sat on for a while and I always wanted to get it out.” — Tina Says on her new single, ‘Limbo’.

Tina Says took the time out of her day to speak with Eat This Music on the release of her new single, she mentions this song was one of the first tracks she wrote around the vocals instead of getting vocals on the track. “When you work around vocals and have that space in the frequency filled,” she notes, “it makes writing the sounds around it much easier as it’s limited.” With that, the bassline melody came to Tina super fast thereafter, as well as the chord progressions. It didn’t take Tina long to flow out in LIMBO. “I usually have 10 different versions for an idea but this one stayed pretty much the same all the way through,” Tina continues.

Tina Says worked with fellow artist Jeremy Beamish on this single, Tina tells Eat This Music how she was introduced to Jeremy through her manager and how the two were quick to vibe and work together, “Jeremy is honestly a very talented singer,” Tina admits, “he knows how to work his voice with different sections and melodies and he also has a very fast creative process.” Essentially, Jeremy doesn’t try to be something he’s not, Tina continues, “he’s great at pop and shines through it which you can hear in his work.”

This single was sitting among a few others Tina was working on at the time. “To be honest, we were going to release a few more non-vocal club tracks before going down a vocal path,” Tina reveals to Eat This Music, “but due to the pandemic and restrictions and because of the lyrics to this song – we all knew it was perfect for the next release given no one can go to clubs.”

Tina Says has got a bunch of ideas that are almost finished she reveals Eat This Music. So you will hear from her in the not too distant future with new music. “Don’t ever have too many expectations from me,” she expresses, “as I am a very experimental producer and will always dive into how I’m feeling rather than pigeonholing myself.”

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