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KOPS is a playful singer/producer/songwriter based in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. “I’m doing alright,” he expresses to Eat This Music. Although he feels it is hard getting work done when your inspiration is usually your social life.

“Thank you! It feels so great I’ve worked really hard on it and it’s nice to finally have it out,” KOPS expresses to Eat This Music on the release of his latest single, “I Do The Best I Can‘.

KOPS took the time out of his day to have a chat with Eat This Music on the release of his latest single, and follow up to 2019 single, ‘Four Eyes’, telling Eat This Music that his new single “I Do The Best I Can” is a song about feeling inadequate even when you’re doing your absolute best.

KOPS continues, “It [the creative process] was fun,” however, it was also a little bit frustrating for him, “there were so many different versions and I I took this song so many different places before it finally felt just right.”

“A lot of my own life inspired this track, I always try to write straight from the heart whenever I write my own music.” — KOPS on his new single.

KOPS decided to make this song a single because he thought it felt like it was a banging summer track. Although, it was also because he thinks it is really relatable, stating to Eat This Music, “we are all just doing our best in these trying times.”

‘I Do The Best I Can’ is the predecessor to KOPS’ latest EP, Artwork I/II, which is out now.

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